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Residents should contact the management company for the following:

  • Lights at entrances and/or parks not working properly

  • Common area sprinklers (i.e. at the entrances or in the the parks) not working properly

  • Damage to common area structures (i.e. playground equipment or landscaping)

  • Damage to common area fences

The Crighton Ridge Homeowners Association (HOA) and its Board of Directors work closely with the subdivision's management company (IMC). IMC serves as a point of contact for community issues but does not make decisions for the community. That right is reserved for the members of the Crighton Ridge HOA and its Board of Directors. The management company serves as a central location for those who wish to contact or do business with the Crighton Ridge HOA. It remains constant through changes in the membership of the HOA. It retains copies of records and other materials for the HOA. It pays bills, contracts for services, receives payments, manages finances, prepares an annual budget, receives and directs correspondence as needed, and conducts periodic deed restriction inspections. A representative is present at all Board and Annual Meetings.

IMC surveys the community each month for residents who might be in violation of deed restrictions either knowingly or unknowingly and to also acknowledge those residents who take outstanding care of their property. Examples of some of the most common violations include, but are not limited to, as stated in the Declaration of Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions for Crighton Ridge (DCCR) "Other than during the day of trash pick-up, no trash cans or garbage cans shall at any time or times be permitted to remain on the street or in front of the lots forward of the building line so that same may be seen by a person using the street in the Property"; inoperative vehicles, boats or vans in drive or along street for extraordinarily long periods, unkempt yards, etc. Refer to the Deed Restrictions for more complete information.

State required Management Certificate

The Crighton Ridge management company can be contacted at:

The Board of Directors is comprised of three members, each duly elected at the Annual Meeting in accordance with the bylaws. Directors serve two-year staggered terms so that each year a minimum of one-third of the board members’ terms shall expire. The powers and duties of the board members are listed in the Bylaws.



Howard Leap graduated from the University of Texas with a degree in government. He soon realized he was more of a high tech guy and has spent the last 40+ years working as an independent consultant in the field of automation engineering.

Howard and his wife, Gladys, lived in the Woodlands for 32 years before escaping to the peace and quiet of Crighton Ridge. Howard has always been interested in local government: running for City Council in Baytown in the 70s and elected to the MUD 40 Board in the Woodlands in the 80s (where he served a two year term as President). If you’re a resident in Section 3 you have probably seen Gladys and Howard walking their three Border Collies. Howard has been very active in dog rescue and is President of All Border Collie Rescue, a non-profit volunteer group, located in the Woodlands and responsible for saving more than 1,300 dogs during the last eight years.

Howard hopes to insure that Crighton Ridge stays the same tranquil neighborhood we have all come to know and love. He is all about maintaining the status quo, keeping the HOA fees reasonable and the property values high.

Howard Leap


Board members do not receive financial compensation for the work done on behalf of the Crighton Ridge Community.

Any member of the Crighton Ridge Homeowners Association may run for office by submitting his or her name to the management company at least one month prior to the Annual Meeting for inclusion on the ballot or by being nominated from the floor of the Annual Meeting.


Ruth and husband Michael moved to Crighton Ridge in May 2013. After living in The Woodlands for 20 years, they knew instantly that this was the place to call home.

Ruth is the vice president of Stratos LLC, an international consulting firm specializing in organizational performance improvement, with global experience in assessments, team building, causal analysis, learning design, and solution development.

Ruth has more than 50 years' experience in administration, office management and human resources as both an employee and a business owner developing and implementing time saving and cost effective office systems and procedures in the private and non-profit sectors.

Ruth was a founding board member of the 8,000 member Federation of Houston Professional Women's Foundation. She served as the president of the Montgomery County Women's Center for 7 years, and  over 5 years on the board of  the Humane Society of Montgomery County.

Ruth Pewitt

Vice President

After graduating from the US Naval Academy, Bob served 7 years as a pilot with the USMC, a year of which was spent in Vietnam. Bob was then hired by Delta Air Lines where he flew for 30 years. Bob and his wife, Paula, (both native Texans) lived in River Plantation for 23 years prior to buying the first David Weekly lot in section one of Crighton Ridge in 1999. He also serves as the liaison with the waterfowl refuge ladies who help us care for the ducks in the section one lake.

Bob Shephard

Board of Directors
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